Just why should you spend your hard earned money on personal training? And why exactly should that personal trainer be Kate Howe?

You may be right to question. I’m sure you could go out running, practise your sport/activity or get to the gym a few times a week. You could even download a training plan from the internet or follow a fitness website or blog, and to begin with you will feel the benefits. But at some point the improvements will start to be less apparent and, however dedicated you are, your motivation will be tested.

This is where personal training comes in.

With a BIG emphasis on personal. Each person is different, we are all unique, and even two people with the same goal may need different methods to achieve it.

Based on an in-depth free consultation and functional movement analysis, I will tailor your training and nutrition advice specifically to your needs, fitness level, lifestyle and goals. You can take advantage of one-to-one sessions offering variety and stimulation, focused workout plans and programmes for you to follow, and regular re-assessments to monitor your progress. You don’t even need to be a gym member - I’m happy to train you in your own home or even (weather permitting) outdoors!

And the motivation doesn’t just stop there - from sending you motivational texts and emails to answering all of your questions, I’m with you every step of the way on your journey to reach your goal.

  1. *Achieve your goals

  2. *Feel fitter, healthier and more alert

  3. *Lose weight and
    look great

  4. *Move freely and
    avoid injury